About Us

The Council

The Council is made up of those Universities in Australia that offer a degree course in agriculture and related areas and/or provide higher degree studies for scholars undertaking agricultural research. In Australia there are currently seventeen such Universities, spread across every State and located in both metropolitan and rural locations. Two New Zealand Universities are also members.

What We Do

The ACDA meets twice yearly, with additional meetings as required. There is regular interaction online. Its charter is to promote the cause of agriculture and encourage prospective students into a career in this area. The Council is the peak body and represents issues of common interest as it affects agricultural activities in universities. it cooperates on projects of mutual benefit.

It links and works with relevant government agencies and industry organisations to improve the performance and sustainability of Australian agriculture and to raise the overall education level of the sector.


The Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture was constituted officially in June 2007. It was brought about by an urgent need to increase enrolments in agriculture and provide graduates to meet a strong and growing employment market onshore and offshore. There was also an identified need to have a unified voice representing the interests of university agricultural education providers. There was a realisation that more could be achieved together in this and other areas than could be achieved by any one university working in isolation.